Nepal is an agricultural land, the nation is operating resources with priority in the development efforts of the agriculture sector. The circular resources were mainly not limited to chemical and biological efforts. Consequently food security has some extent to achieving success as well as the rate of agricultural development has increased. Dharakalin Agriculture Development

The lack of agricultural growth growth reflected by the scheme has not yet been achieved due to the lack of contribution of agricultural engineering technology.Can be said Rural income, employment and food security depends on the need for rural income growth if we need social and economic prosperity like our country. Land and labor productivity should be required to ensure the agricultural income and food security of rural areas. This requires joint effort of agricultural engineering, chemical and biological technologies.

Due to the global impact of climate change, climate change, open economic policy, migration of agro-forestry, erosion agriculture and wildlife, there is also need to increase the use of agricultural engineering technology to improve productivity and productivity. The balance between the environment, energy and food security in the world is a major challenge. The agricultural system based on these three-linear estimation can only be considered as an effort of sustainable development.For this, the productivity of physical, chemical and organic production materials seems to be the only option. Therefore, the contribution of agricultural engineering technology can be important in order to increase the productivity of production materials. If there is no need of this technique, then perhaps the personal effort of farmers of Terai and some inner Madhes could not have been seen using extensive mechanical tools in agriculture, such as irrigation, rolling, tuning from scratching, threshing, grading, milling. In the last few years, service market margin has been supplying wheat to the wheat crop using Chitwan, Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, Bara, Parsa and Nawalparasi. The contribution of agriculture engineering technology can not be diminished as the National Agricultural Policy 2061 also aims to achieve social and economic prosperity by transforming the existing livelihood farming system into a commercial and industrial system. Because without the use of agricultural engineering technology, competing market-oriented agricultural production of our agriculture sector will be impossible. Also, it has also felt the need for technology to increase the income-earning of the workers and reduce lifestyle labor burden in agriculture sector.

Proverbs have been used. As the success of Extensive, Intensive, Precision, Low input / Sustainable Agricultural Production System has been contributing to agricultural engineering technology. In ancient times, also used to make stones, wood and iron tools to cultivate. There are no efforts to spread agricultural engineering techniques in Nepal. However, the availability of resources needed for the technologies of the mentioned technology could not be available, timing of manpower, and limited to manufacturing work could not be used in the middle of the farmer. As a result of this technique, our country seems to be coming back to other countries. In recent years, the Agriculture Engineering Directorate has been working to spread agricultural engineering techniques by establishing the agricultural department under the Agriculture Department on 20th of the year 2061.